100 PNG Hand Painted Elements

100 PNG Hand Drawn Elements

After their 1000 Hyper markers swept the globe by storm, Hyperpix released its legendary 1000 Hyper hand drawn elements collection. Outdo yourself in your graphic design projects. We have more wonderful news today. Again, Vecteza is offering a free preview of Hyper hand drawn elements.

100 translucent hand-drawn pieces from the original 1000 PNGs have been selected for RB users as freebies. There are homemade glasses, eyebrows, caps, necklaces, lips, mustaches, beards, ears, doodles, crowns, horns, tails, ties, and ribbons, but Hyperpix has the entire package. When you take your first mouthful of something so well-crafted and artistically tasteful, you won’t be able to rest until it’s yours. Download the light collection with 100 free hand-drawn PNG elements immediately, then visit our friends at Hyperpix to get the current paid edition.

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