100 Textures for Masking Tape

100 Masking Tape Textures

On vecteza, you can feel the amazing texture of our tape pieces under your skin and see how lifelike they are without touching them. Just look to see the magic today. In RB’s new exclusive collection, you’ll find 100 ultra-resolution transparent isolated PNGs to give your projects an unmatched flair. Have you noticed that till today, there was no masking tape texture bundle? Always mixed. But wait till we fill your toolkit with a comprehensive texture library for each type of tape in the coming months.

RB’s products have impressed designers globe before. However, this is the first internet-wide tape texture collection. This service costs at least two dollars elsewhere. Know that? Most significantly, none of them can offer the best and most extensive masking tape selection ever. Only RB’s handcrafted tape texture PNGs can provide such high-quality design work for free.

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