100 textures of paper with a burnt edge


This time, it’s our beautiful pack of burnt edge paper textures, which is the most complete of its kind. Then, let us blow your mind even more: all of the PNGs in this amazing and free pack were made by hand. So you can be sure that it took our artists a long time to make something this good out of white paper, cardboard, and kraft paper, which is why the resolution is so high.

It looks like there were also some deaths during the planning process. Word on the street is that one of our artists even got a hand burn. Thankfully, nothing major! It will all be worth it if you can add these isolated images to any part of your artwork from any angle you want without any problems. Spread these torn pieces of paper all over your design, and wait for the holes and edges to look like they were burned. This will give your work a nice old look.

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