40 Textures of Jeans and Denim


These 40 free denim textures are as timeless as their clothing inspiration. Before they came together to form the first and only complete jean texture collection, these 30 pairs of jeans were no different from any others. Until we bought them, that is. We haven’t even removed the price tags! We nearly didn’t care about the price because of the fantastic possibility we were considering.

It wasn’t simple, but we took the effort to give each a realistic texture. Time is needed for handiwork. We can agree to disagree. There is no doubt about the excellent final product. Whatever your taste, we have a wide variety of blues and even blacks, pockets and no pockets, buttons and no buttons, and more in this closet just for you! You can examine everything down to the stitching lines if you like. When we said it was of high quality, we meant it.

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