Free Psd Product Manual Mockup

Psd Product Manual Mockup

This is a thorough assortment of design components that may be used to display several kinds of product documentation, such as manuals, booklets, and mockups of product tags. The design may be easily personalised and changed to your preferences thanks to the smart layer feature. To edit the mockup, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the file in the graphic design programme of your choice.
  2. Track down the smart layer corresponding to the design element you wish to alter.
  3. Double-click the smart layer to bring it into view.
  4. Include a custom picture or design in the smart layer.
  5. Save the changes and shut the smart layer.
  6. Check that your updated mockup design satisfies your specifications by previewing it.
  7. Save the file in the format you want to use, and
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