Hardcover Psd Mockup Book for Gravity

Hardcover Psd Book Mockup for Gravity

This PSD book mockup is the best way to show off your latest book design in a way that is both modern and stylish. This mockup is both eye-catching and easy to change. It is made in the gravity style and has a pencil to make it look more real. With the smart layer that comes with the PSD file, it’s very easy to add your own graphics and change the colour of the book if you need to.

To change this mockup, you’ll need a programme that can work with PSD files, like Adobe Photoshop. Once the file is open, you can start by choosing the smart layer for the part you want to change. From there, you can use the program’s tools to make changes, such as adding your own text or graphics, changing the book’s colour, or moving certain design elements around. Once you’re happy with the changes you’ve made, save your work and export the image in a format that works for you. With some imagination and attention to detail, you can make a beautiful book mockup that shows off your design skills and makes you stand out.

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